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Dr. Don Juang founded MT Learning Center in 2001 when a group of his students’ parents urged him to establish a tutoring center where students can learn in a fun, engaging environment.

In the first few years of operation, those parents served as our most loyal customers and even volunteered with the simple wish to help us grow. As a result, over the years, we have served more and more students, outgrowing its location several times.

While other learning centers with similar success stories aggressively expand their territory, creating distant branches year after year, we have chosen to stay in Fremont to serve the community.

We choose to maintain our single location because we have seen the loss of quality when an organization splinters into multiple locations. We have also experienced the difficulties of recruiting excellent teachers. While good teachers are not hard to find, excellent teachers are scarce. Good teachers can instruct students, but only excellent teachers have the ability to diagnose the students’ learning needs and prescribe the necessary measures to help students improve. As we only use excellent teachers, our teachers constantly gauge the strengths and weaknesses of every student in their classes. This ability has become an unique feature of our teachers.

We value the importance of parent communication. While parents of the group classes enjoy reading weekly communication emails during summer sessions and progress reports every three to four weeks during the academic year, SAT I classes issue at least two weekly reports. In addition to regular progress reports, we send out warning reports to parents every time a student’s performance is below standards. We report so often for multiple reasons:

Diagnosing each student’s strengths and weaknesses helps the students realize their potential and address their blind spots, frequent reporting informs parents of their children’s performance and further substantiates improvement opportunities.

Our results have been tremendous. Our students reach or exceed their academic goals and achieve stronger grades in school. On average, our SAT students earn a 400 point improvement on the real test. Furthermore, half of our SAT Subject Math II students receive a perfect score of 800.

Please read the following letters from our previous students and let them show you how we conduct our classes and successfully improve students’ academic interest, confidence and performance.


Dear Don,

I want to thank you so much for helping me as I prepared for the SAT and Math SAT II. I came into the class quite nervous about these huge exams. I have always been insecure about my math abilities, and on my practice tests, I was scoring significantly lower on the math section than I was on the other sections. I was consistently landing a score in the low to mid six-hundreds, and I hoped to boost that score by about a hundred point.

The tricks that you showed me in the math class I took with you presented the same old problems in new ways. It's not like you were teaching us rocket science in the few weeks before the exam; rather, you were showing us how to logically break down what might seem, at first glance, like a difficult problem. For example, for problems involving fractions or percentages, you showed me how to visualize and diagram the problem such that I never got those problems wrong again. Moreover, I was moved not only by what you taught us but also by how you taught us. You are such a kind and patient teacher, and you assigned me only as much work as I needed in order to improve. I was quite happy when I ended up getting a composite score of 2350 on the SAT, with a math score of 790. That was the highest I had ever performed on the math portion, and I truly feel that I owe my improvement to your steady guidance and patience.

The trek to improving my math SAT II score was much more difficult than that to improve my SAT I score because again, math is not my strength, and the SAT II covered far more difficult material. I began having private tutoring sessions with you, which helped me a lot more than a class because you truly catered to my needs. It turned out that I had poorly learned some of the material in class, so we spent a lot of time reviewing those things (like permutations and combinations) instead of unnecessarily spending time on material I already understood well. It was this careful focus on my weaknesses and repetitive drilling on problems associated with them that boosted my confidence for the test. I still have the binder chock full of practice test after practice test that accurately reflected the difficulties of the actual exam; whereas my friends who bought other prep books found in regular bookstores were struggling with practice exams that were unnecessarily difficult or misleadingly easy. I felt confident with more than enough practice problems with which to work. Another resource you gave me were the calculator programs that I could use in the test. The "SAT II" program you downloaded onto my TI-83 turned out to be invaluable, as it saved me much needed time on the test, on which I ended up earning a 700, with which I was quite happpy.

Again, I want to emphasize how much I owe you and how much I thank you. Of all the time I spent at your center, I appreciate most our private tutoring sessions much because of the lessons we focused on but also because of the side conversations we had, the friendship that grew out of math (of all things), and the occasional visits from your wife and adorable children. I enjoyed all those moments – both refreshing my memory on hyperbolas and just goofing off every once and a while to learn more about each other as human beings. In the fall, I will be attending the program of my dreams at Brown University, where I am enrolled in an eight-year liberal arts and medical education program; for someone whose strength lies in the humanities, it's truly empowering to be able to pursue medicine, something that requires a solid foundation in mathematics. I owe you a huge one for helping me attain that foundation and for helping me reach the requisite scores; your selfless contribution to my education has shaped my future for the better, and I appreciate all you've done. I'll definitely be seeing you around; I'm sure I'm going to need help in the future with college-level work…yikes!


VyVy Trinh

  • Note: Vyvy graduated from Harker School and is pursuing her MD degree in the 8 years medial program in Brown University. She was admitted to all the UC's including UCLA and UC Berkeley.

Dear Don,

I first came across your class through some friends who had taken your Math IIC prep course. Because of the extremely high scores they achieved on their tests, I was curious and decided to give it a try too. Honestly, before taking your class, I probably would never have considered taking the Math IIC SAT II. As we covered more and more material each week, my scores continued increasing until they were consistently in the high 700s. The tips and shortcuts that you taught us greatly helped me increase my speed, giving me more time to finish harder problems towards the end of the test. The fact that the classes were scheduled strategically so that I could take the actual SAT II the following week was also extremely helpful because there was very little time for me to forget any material, allowing me to score close to 800.

When my first SAT I came out, I scored a 2030 without any preparation. After taking classes at your Center that started during the summer before my senior year, I retook the test in October and scored more than 200 points higher. Yeah...I was satisfied! I wasn't so much surprised by the improvement in my math and writing sections, however, but rather by the big increase in my critical reading score. Going into SAT classes, I really didn't expect my critical reading to improve by much, but my teacher, Cin-yee, really taught me how to understand and enjoy the passages I read. I learned how to effectively outline as well, which helped me keep track of details and ideas.

I think what sets MT Learning Center apart from other tutoring services is that the teachers are truly very dedicated to the success of their students. They not only teach us the material we need to know, but they also connect and interact with us as at our age level. I still remember how you used our names in word problems and taught us logical statements using examples with hot boys and hot girls. As nerdy as it may sound, SAT classes were actually a lot of fun over there!

Now as I'm receiving my college decisions, I want to take the time to thank you for your dedication and all the encouragement that you've given me.


Catherine Lee

  • Note: Catherine graduated from Mission San Jose High School in Fremont and is currently pursuing a Biology degree in UCLA.

Dear Who It May Concern,

I still remember the first class I ever took at MT Learning Center: Geometry during the summer. I was reluctant to accept the idea that I actually needed help with math. In addition, I dreaded the idea of going to a class in which I knew no one.

As things inevitably happen, I went to that geometry class anyway. And that is when I discovered my secret to success in high school. Suffice it to say, I went on to take Pre-calculus and Calculus in my freshman and sophomore years, and I almost despaired when the staff ran out of math tutoring classes for me to take for the rest of high school.

Don, the math instructor, is the best teacher ever. Not only does he know the answer to anything related to math, but the strategies he teaches and homework he assigns also help astronomically with understanding the material. His patience is priceless; he ensures that everyone comprehends how to solve each problem.

In addition, Don is incredibly personable and puts the class in an easygoing atmosphere despite the focus on academic education. In between lectures, he tells us his life stories (my favorite part about classes), jokes around with us, and even gladly listens to our own trials and tribulations.

Because of small class sizes, he interacts with all of us and is able to give sufficient attention to our weaknesses in math. Furthermore, he is an excellent resource for asking about a specific school's teachers, curricula, tests, and other miscellaneous information that he's gathered over the years.

Don's dedication to his students extends beyond classroom walls. When I was panicking before my first SAT ever (SAT Math 2C), I called Don while he was driving home from work to ask him some last-minute questions on probability, which he gladly answered. Before my first AP ever (AP Calculus BC), I stayed after class one day to ask Don some last-minute questions on the Taylor polynomial and Lagrange error, which he patiently worked out with me. Even when I needed someone to interview for an English paper, I interviewed Don about his occupation as math tutor. It was amazing to discover how much time he invests not only in teaching, but also in preparation.

My list could go on endlessly about how much Don has helped me, but in the end, I am so grateful for my experience at MT Learning Center. I would have never survived as well as I did at math in high school without Don and his learning center. I strongly recommend taking classes with them; there is a good chance that your friends and classmates are already attending courses there.

I was going to end this letter with "MT Learning Center helped me get into MIT!" but instead, I am going to Washington University in St. Louis on a full scholarship. I'm sure all the parents would want to know this. Starting classes in college, I realize what a solid foundation MT Learning Center gave me, and since that geometry class four years ago, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Go Don!

Debra Yen

  • Note: Debra graduated from Mission San Jose High School in Fremont and is currently attending the 8 year medical program in Washington University in San Louis. She was admitted to all the UC's including UCLA and UC Berkeley as well as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

To Whom It May Concern:

The first class I ever took at MT Learning Center was the SAT II Chemistry class. My friend had told me that they had a prep class and to take it with him. I really didn't know what to expect at first; I had taken prep classes for the SAT I before in another center and they were not very helpful. I chose to take it in the end because this center had a class designed specifically to help me review for the SAT Chemistry, right up to the week before the real test.

What struck me most about this center was that the teachers were amiable and easy to approach. In other classes I've been attended, the teachers were school teachers, and so the class was generally quiet and not as willing to talk to them. In MT Learning Center though, the tutors were very interactive, and I liked it. The small class sizes also helped, with only a few people in a class, all sitting around the teacher; it made it very easy to get to become comfortable in the class enough to ask questions and joke around. The teachers were always happy and willing to help and answer any questions. Each one has a unique personality that keeps the class lively, as well as the knowledge to help a pupil learn.

The weekly practice tests and extra problems or worksheets are also extremely helpful. The extra work, although it is extra and many would find it time consuming, helps you practice and review. I personally found that doing the homework is far more helpful than not doing it at all. I have to stress that part of the course is the homework and actually doing the extra work does help you to learn. The weekly testing also helps to get me familiar to the actual SAT IIs, and it helped me learn what areas on which I needed more practice.

Overall, I have to say that I enjoy the service that this center provides. The teachers are very helpful and easy to talk to, which makes learning a lot easier. They encourage questions and offer additional help if you happen to need it. I still constantly go back to the facilities when I feel I need extra help preparing for something. Since I started taking classes there, I had achieved perfect scores on both of my SAT IIs, and done well on my SAT I too. I already recommended MT Learning Center to my friends and siblings; I find that place a wonderful, fun and helpful facility; but if you don't believe me you can try it yourself.

Cynthia Gaw

  • Note: Cynthia graduated from Mission San Jose High School in Fremont and is currently attending UC Berkeley.

It is said that behind every good student lies a good teacher. I was shocked when I found out that I had received an 800 on the SAT Math IIC. Why? I wasn't really a "math person", and had a stronger predilection for English and the arts. Thus I enrolled into Don’s SAT II prep classes with reservation and apprehension of what it could do for me. Now, after receiving my score, I can soundly say that the class has surpassed my expectations. Through consistent drilling and concentration on "tricks of the trade" and what you really need to know for the test, they have helped me achieve a satisfactory score. A large part of the credit also goes to Don, the instructor of the course. Not only did he offer us his expertise, but also devoted his time to give weekly practice tests outside of class. I also found this class to be super effective because it had a limited number of students, making it easier for the instructor to cater to each individual's needs. The practice tests were a great tool because they were appropriately modeled after the actual test, leaving the student prepared when test day arrives. There was not a huge discrepancy between the two, and they instilled a sense of confidence that can greatly affect the ultimate outcome. In short, I would like to thank him for helping me achieve one of my new year's resolutions: overcoming my disinclination for math and obtaining such an aesthetic number for my academic records. Thank you.


Cindy Guan

  • Note: Cindy graduated from Mission San Jose High School in Fremont and is currently attending Stanford University. She was admitted to University of Pennsylvania and all the UC's including UCLA and UC Berkeley.

Dear Don,

I cannot begin to thank you enough for how much you have helped me academically. When I was preparing to take my SAT II Math IIC test, I remember being worried because although I understood the basic material, I couldn't complete the test efficiently. In your classes, I was taught countless test-taking strategies and tactics to score high on the SAT tests. Your lessons were extremely helpful in that they highlighted key concepts in sections with plenty of practice problems. In addition to these concept packets were actual SAT II tests, which we took home for further timed practice. These concept packets and practice tests really allowed me to understand how to tackle the different problem types and how to organize information using the helpful "information box." More importantly, I learned extremely helpful short-cut strategies that allowed me to both complete the test quickly and accurately.

At first, my scores were below satisfactory, but as I continued to familiarize myself with the exam and become more proficient, I saw a dramatic improvement. As the exam drew near, I was scoring in the 760s-780s. Finally, when I opened my official score report on the SAT II MATIIC test, I was exuberant to discover that I had earned a perfect 800.

I value your commitment to teaching and your dedication to your students. I am currently enrolled in your Calculus BC AP preparation class and I never cease to be impressed with how much time and effort you put in to teach us the concepts in innovative ways. You are always available when I have questions-after class, over the phone, and through e-mail. Thank you so much for all the support and encouragement you gave me through these years. As I depart for college next year, I can only hope I can meet a professor as talented and dedicated as you.


Chelsea Xu

  • Note: Chelsea graduated from Amador Valley Hills High School in Pleasanton and is currently attending Brown University for a medical degree.

Dear Don,

Thank you.

It has been four years since I first stepped into your classroom. Back then, I was a lazy boy with abysmal grades, barely hanging on to a B- average in my classes. It was because of this lack of motivation that my parents decided to enroll me in your course during the summer before my freshman year. The first class was nothing special -- or so I thought. When my mother came to pick me up, you said you were confident that I would get into the top two UC's. My mom thought you were joking. I saw it as nothing more than a ploy to convince her to sign me up for more classes.

But it turns out you were right. It wouldn't be the first time, and I doubt it will be the last. During the four years I've been with you, my grades slowly changed from a B- average to top 4% status. Schoolwork has become much easier for me, allowing me to spend more time doing other things. I can wholeheartedly say that without you, I wouldn't be where I am today.

Each class I've taken at your center the past four years has always been small and intimate. In just one two-hour session, you have given me more personal attention than a year's worth of class at school; I've been to many other cram schools and tutoring centers, but none of them pale in comparison to how much you and all your teachers have helped me. Everyone tries to reach out to the class not as professors, but as one of us. Although it may sound clichéd, the staff at MT Learning Center really does make learning fun.

Four years have come and passed, and, because of you, I have not only reached the bar set by my family and friends, but also arrived at the one I made for myself. I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me. I am still unable to fathom that I've been attending your courses for four years, but as you always say, "Time flies when you're having fun."

Thank you.

Your Favorite Student,

Jerry Lee

  • Note: Jerry graduated from American High School in Fremont and is now pursuing his Bachelor degree in UC Berkeley.

Dear Don,

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

Don, you've only been my teacher for one full year, a summer of SAT II prep and a school year of Calc BC. As far as score keeping went, only the former held any importance. And before you readers criticize, let me emphasize two facts. The first is as noted, the words: score keeping and the second is: I had already aced Calc BC. (It was just for review) But why did I come back after SAT prep? It's because you turned me from, excuse the language, a bloody idiot whose best attempt at Math 2C was a 670 to a collegiate-worthy student capable of scoring an 800 with time to spare. Something worked. As far as academic inclinations went, you were perhaps one of the best teachers I've ever had the pleasure of learning from. You are not the old-school lecture and learn teacher or the "let’s bullshit and hope that no one catches me" teacher. You tell it as it is. And truly some of the best times in your class were not the learning but the little breaks we had in between, when you told stories or just asked how we were. It always meant a lot to me that you cared enough to see how we were doing. So I guess what I'm trying to say in this letter is thank you.

For those who are considering MT Learning Center as a tutoring place, try it even if it's a small session, and you'll begin to see exactly what is so special about Don.


Charles Wang

  • Note: Charles graduated from American High School in Fremont and is currently pursuing an MD degree in John Hopkins University. He was admitted to all the UC's including UCLA and UC Berkeley.

To Whom It May Concern,

For my four years of high school, I attended MT Learning Center for various courses, ranging from Ecological Biology to Precalculus to Critical Reading. I first attended Don’s Algebra 2 class. My grade in Algebra 2 at school was very low, and my parents and I were very concerned. My neighbor recommended Don’s class to me and I decided to take it. Over the course of less than a quarter, my grade went from a low C to an A. That summer, I took a Biology course, and my score went from 600 to 740. The summer before I took Pre-calculus, I took a Math Sat IIc class with Don. Without any background knowledge in much of the subject matter, I got a 750 on the test after taking Don’s course. I had started out getting scores under 600, but they rose more than 150 points.

I also took an English/Critical Reading Sat Prep course with Cin-Yee, and my scores rose from 600 in Critical Reading to 720; and 620 in Writing to 780, an increase of 280 in those two categories alone. Not only do the students learn a lot in these courses, they also have lots of fun. I could always eagerly anticipate classes with Don. My parents would frequently hear loud laughs from the classes, and they would ask how we could be learning while we were having so much fun. But the improvement in my scores and in my grades has spoken for itself. This fall, I will be attending UC Davis as a Statistics major, and it was with no shortage of help from Don and the rest of the staff that I was able to get into that college.

David Cheng

  • Note: David graduated from Mission San Jose High School in Fremont and is currently attending UC Davis.

MT Learning Center taught me the strategies to approach the SATs. The teachers are very familiar with the test and know what kind of skills students need to develop to succeed. Through weeks of training, I went to the test feeling very confident because I already knew the kinds of questions to expect. While taking the test, it was not as much like a battle, trying to fight through a problem, but more of a process, where I merely applied concepts with which I had already familiarized myself. They constantly check on students’ progress so they can clearly pinpoint students’ weaknesses and help them build more strength in those areas. Because of the classes I took over there, I only had to take each SAT test once to get the score I wanted.

I not only took classes for SATs, but also took classes to help me with AP testing. The AP Calculus and AP Physics classes helped me do better in school and helped me review concepts from an entire year in just a few weeks.

I took both one-on-one lessons and group lessons; both of them are equally useful, but in different ways. The group lessons were helpful in covering the important concepts and material on the test. The one-on-one tutoring sessions were more convenient when I needed help on specific questions or concepts.

Studying with MT Learning Center has not only helped me get the scores I wanted on standardized tests, but has helped me develop lifelong learning skills. Through the training, I have changed my study habits, built a stronger confidence in myself, and recognized my potential.

Anne Chen

  • Note: Anne graduated from San Francis School and Rice University majored n Architecture. She was admitted to all the UC's including UC Berkeley and UCLA.

MT Learning Center is an excellent center and the staff are highly qualified instructors. Although I maintained a decent grade in my school's Pre Calculus class in junior year, my friends recommended me to take the Pre Calculus enrichment course in the second semester with Don to better prepare for my upcoming SATs. After getting various referrals, I decided to take the class. Unlike many prep centers, they have a limit number of students per course. This small class environment definitely allowed more class interactions, inspired teamwork, and individual attention. What really made the difference was the instructors', especially yours, attention to details. Not only did you make the class more enjoyable, but you also taught in a style to help the students understand the materials better. With your guidance, I was definitely prepared to take any school test or quiz.

During the summer after my junior year, I took all my SAT I and SAT II subject preparations at this center. What I really liked about these courses was the instructors' practical approach. For example, in the SAT Math IIC course, the strategy was to learn all the concepts at the beginning of the class and then practice using selected real SAT questions from past years. Most centers I know have their students take the practice test during class time. However, at MT Learning Center, on top of the full instructional time, students must come in an extra day to take the test in a mock testing environment so teachers do not taking up instructional class time to watch their students take tests. One beneficial thing is that instructors take their student's test and score them just like a real SAT. For the SAT II Writing class, instructors will read through the essays and make comments on strengths and weaknesses to help the students improve. Personally, I increased my SAT I score by 200 points and SAT II score by another 200 points altogether.

After taking various courses at MT Learning Center, I strongly believe all the teachers consistently do above and beyond their job requirement to assist all students as much as possible. I believe attitude and strategy is a major aspect of success in learning, so many thanks to the center and staff for helping me achieve this confidence.


Michelle Yung

  • Note: Michelle graduated from Mission San Jose High School in Fremont and is currently pursuing her degree in UC Davis.

To Whom It May Concern:

I began taking classes at MT Learning Center in my sophomore year. I took the Honors Geometry class because I was struggling in that subject. Math had always been a tough subject for me and the extra tutoring course allowed me to understand the material much better. Before that class, I was earning a B-/C+, but after a few months of classes, I managed to ace several tests and bring my grade up to a B/B+. I believe that not only the teacher, but also the small class sizes aided in improving my academic performance. Another factor was that the Honors Geometry class only had two students in it, and therefore both of the students' needs were addressed. The casual and friendly atmosphere was a contributor as well.

The AP Calculus AB course I took this past year was similar to the class I took earlier in that their policies and the way the material was presented had not changed. The class had only about five students and so we were each given individual attention. The course material was given in packets with simplified notes and numerous practice problems. This helped all of us when studying for exams or, ultimately, the Advanced Placement test. In the beginning of the school year, I had a B-/C+, but I ended the year with an A-.

I was also referred to an AP Chemistry private tutor who worked for that learning center. It was definitely a difficult time for me, because I was close to failing my class at school and was nervous about whether or not the college I was already accepted into would kick me out. The tutor I worked with taught me well and motivated me to work hard. By the end of the sessions, I understood the material much better than I had when I entered them.

There are two very unique things about MT Learning Center courses. One is that the tutors are attentive to students' needs and adjusts what they teach according to those needs. Another is that because the classes are so casual, it is easy for a student to talk about their weak, non-academic struggles, or opinions on certain issues.

Now that I am a senior, I can reflect on the past four years of my high school career and easily say that MT Learning Center pulled me out of several seemingly abysmal holes. All in all, I am glad my mother took me to take the courses I did because if she had not, I would be in a far worse condition now.


Cheryl Sheh

  • Note: Cheryl graduated from Mission San Jose High School in Fremont and is attending San Francisco University fulfilling her dream as a nurse practitioner.

My name is Andrew Head and I am a freshman in college at UC Davis. Ever since I was in 8th grade my parents stressed the importance of preparing to apply for colleges. It was a dreaded event that I was afraid I would not be ready for once the time came. Although it may seem early, I began SAT preparation courses at MT Learning Center during my freshman year of high school, and I am glad that I started preparing that early. The extra years of courses definitely made a difference in my SAT scores, raising them from 1110 to my current 1410. After taking the SAT I, I moved on to preparing for SAT II Math 2c and Writing. I took the classes for those courses at MT Learning Center during junior year. They drastically improved my scores, which are currently 760 in Math and 770 in Writing. The teachers at the learning center are professional and thorough in their knowledge of their subjects. They have spent much time and effort to provide their students with curriculum, notes, in class practice and homework that will aid them in the SATs. They also have a great amount of experience in teaching children and teens, which can be seen in the way they interact with their students. Another aspect that helped me was their constant updates with my parents pertaining my advancement (or regression). This allowed my parents to stay involved and motivate me when needed. The center played a major role in the success of my SAT scores, and ultimately my acceptance into UC Davis. I couldn't have accomplished as much as I did had it not been for the leadership and expertise of MT Learning Center's staff. Thank you.

  • Note: Andrew Head graduated from Mission San Jose High School in Fremont and is currently pursuing his degree in UC Davis.

Dear Don,

I cannot thank you enough for everything you have helped me achieve in the past one and a half years. I first came to your class last spring, not at all prepared to take the SAT II Math IIC test. However, the practice tests you provided me with every week gave me a very clear idea about what to expect on the real test. By taking home and completing your tests, and then correcting and practicing problems in class, I felt that my confidence really increased. By pinning down specific problems and concepts with which I wasn't very familiar and then giving me packets to allow me to practice those new skills, you really helped me turn my weaknesses into strengths. I began your class averaging about 600 on the tests, but as the SAT date approached, I consistently began receiving scores in the high 700's. I confidently entered the testing room on the day of the test, knowing that you have taught me everything I needed to know. With your help and encouragement, I received an 800 on the Math IIC test.

Your preparation for the Calculus BC AP test was also top-notch. Although I was often overwhelmed and frustrated with having to complete so many practice tests, they all turned out to be beneficial in the end. Thank you for emphasizing the most important points covered on the test, and drilling the main concepts into my head. Many of the problems on this year's AP test were similar to problems we went over in class, so I was able to finish much of the test without any difficulty.

Thank you, Don, for always making class fun and exciting with your silly jokes. Most importantly, thank you for your constant support and encouragement, as well as your sincere dedication for your students. With your help in boosting my test scores, I was accepted to all of the University of California schools, as well as Northwestern University, New York University Stern School of Business, and University of Southern California Marshall School of Business. Although I'll be going to UC Berkeley next year, I will still come back and visit you!


Carolyn Wu

  • Note: Carolyn graduated from Lynn Brook High School in Cupertino and is currently studying in UC Berkeley.

I started attending MT Learning Center in my sophomore year. My mom worried that I would not perform well on the math portions of my SAT and decided I needed some help in reviewing and studying. Thus, she came across this learning center through my friend Anne Chen's mom. At first, like any other rebellious adolescent, I did not wish to attend these classes. Reluctantly, I was dragged to class, but eventually, I found it to be very helpful. Later on, a couple of my friends decided they would join me in taking a class on the SAT II Math IIC test. Don's knowledge of not only the tests but also the many different mathematical methods helped me further understand how to solve many problems. Even though I learned the material in school, having someone help me review and show me fast shortcuts helped me greatly in preparing for the test and taught me some great test-taking skills. Later on in junior year, my mom sent me back to continue my lessons in math for the SAT Reasoning test. Through Don's ability to spot my weaknesses and help me to work on them, I was able to achieve the 800 I received on the IIC test and 790 on the reasoning test. I will now bring these skills that I have acquired with me to UC Berkeley. Thank you very much for all the help you have given me!


Valerie Lu

  • Note: Valerie graduated from Lynn Brook High school in Cupertino and is now studying in UC Berkeley for an Architecture degree.

Thank you for being an outstanding role model, mentor, and friend. I had never imagined that learning could be so quick and fun until I met you. You class has an extremely interactive environment; because you are constantly asking questions, making jokes, and setting up challenging problems, we were on our feet, paying attention, and learning a lot more than we could in school. A lesson that took an entire week in public school was finished in a matter of two hours in MT Learning Center, and even the most difficult lessons were a piece of cake after your session.

However, what really stood out to me was the connection you made with all your students. It's easy to see that you care about everyone because you know everyone's names and personalities, what makes them laugh and what helps them learn. Having someone who cared really motivated me to do better, as it did other students. Surprisingly, even the most obnoxious students did their problems and turned in their homework on time! Nobody in class falls behind - you always make sure everyone is on the same level, no matter how much longer you have to stay after class. Oftentimes, you taught overtime to make sure each concept was clear.

Because of your class, I have not only brought my SAT 2 Math 2C score up from a 680 to an 800, gotten an A in Precalculus, and was admitted to UC Berkeley, but I also learned how to study consistently and effectively through your worksheets, practice problems, and weekly tests. I, like many other students here, walk away with a stronger mind and the pleasure of being taught by an amazing teacher and wonderful friend.


Emmeline Lan

  • Note: Emmeline graduated from Irvington High school in Fremont and is currently attending UC Berkeley.

After taking three math classes under the instruction of Dr. Don Juang and serving as a TA in another math class, I can attest to the superb quality of teaching provided at MT Learning Center.

In subjects such as math, many skills tend to carry over from one branch of study to another; thus, it is of utmost importance for students to develop solid fundamentals. My mathematical fundamentals, beginning with Algebra I, were honed under Dr. Juang's tutelage. Dr. Juang taught me various tips and tricks, i.e., solving problems using faster, simpler methods than what was taught in school, while making sure I developed a solid understanding of the concepts. The invaluable skills I learned in his courses have helped me tremendously in various math classes time and time again.

Whether it was in a small class setting, or in a one-on-one lesson, Dr. Juang kept lessons interesting by interjecting personal anecdotes and jokes. I found classes to be loose and relaxed -- providing me with what I found thought was an environment conducive for learning. Moreover, small class sizes ensured that I received enough attention to have my questions answered. Regarding the material taught at the center, Dr. Juang provided clear, concise notes and handouts each class. Quizzes were also given to assess students' understanding of class material, and ample homework was assigned for practice after each class; all of which were helpful for my learning. Taking classes with Dr. Juang has been greatly beneficial towards my educational endeavors. Even now, I still find many of the techniques I learned from him then to still be useful. Thanks Don!

Jeffrey Wang

  • Note: Jeffrey Graduated from Milpitas High School and is attending UC San Diego for his degree.

When my mom first suggested that I take math classes at MT Learning Center, I strongly objected. I believed that it would be just like every other test prep center: boring and pretty useless. Needless to say, I was proved wrong. Unlike most learning centers, they utilize small class sizes and interesting examples and help sheets to integrate educational enhancement along with classroom curriculum. Over there, it is shown that that test prep centers aren't necessarily for students who are in need of help, but students who want to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the subject at hand. I thought the classes were actually pretty fun and interesting; my tutor Don Juang used real life examples and nifty tricks and ideas one could use to tackle even the most difficult and strenuous math problems. In addition to explaining how or why something worked, Don would tell us about real life applications and tricks to ingrain the concept into our minds. He has truly helped me realize my goals and get the grades I needed to get into every school that I applied to. Thank you!

Grace Lin

  • Note: Grace graduated from Irvington High School in Fremont and is currently studying in UC Berkeley. She was admitted to all the UC's including UCLA and UC Berkeley.

Dear Don,

I fondly remember my first day going to “Don’s.” My first semester of freshman year had been an unexpected story of crushed expectations and desperate parents, looking to remedy my sub-par math performance. We had tried other methods and tutors but the turnout was mediocre and inconsistent. So when I met Don, my expectations were undoubtedly high; this man was going to salvage my math grade and kick me into shape.

From his appearance, Don embodied the stereotypical impatient math tutor with the incomprehensible Chinese accent. I greeted him expecting an irritated, curt response. Instead, he met me with an unusual cheeriness and warmness. Don beckoned me into my seat and wholeheartedly introduced me to the rest of the class. His accessibility was what stuck with me through my years at MT Learning Center. Don the teacher eventually became Don the mentor and friend and this, in my opinion, has been his key to success. He not only provided me the tools to succeed in math, but he introduced me to an academic confidence that I never knew I possessed. His style of teaching is interactive and dynamic and never ceases to amaze me. He pushes us to leave our comfort zones with incredibly difficult problems, and when we’re stumped, he dissects the problem meticulously so that every student can learn at his or her own pace. In two hours of class Don would guide us through math tricks that made intimidating problems trivial. His encouraging attitude resonated in the room, motivating the laziest students (like me) to get our acts together.

So what distinguishes Don from the rest? What I immediately recall was the liveliness of his classroom and his ability to effortlessly lead us all to ‘A’s in math. However, what sticks with me after nearly four years is Don’s keen attention to detail. He gives each student ample attention and guidance to thrive in all realms of math. Without a doubt Don is one of the most memorable teaching figures I’ve come across, remarkably making math easy and learning compelling, and I can soundly attest my success to my hours spent in his classroom.


Brian Yuen

  • Note: Brian Yuen graduated from Mission San Jose High School and is currently attending John Hopkins University. He was accepted by all the UC’s including UC Berkeley and UCLA. He received an 800 on SAT II Math test.

Dear Whom It May Concern,

I was a student in Mission San Jose High School, ranked 36th in the nation among high schools and 1st out of the public high schools in California. Needless to say, classes were tough.

It was freshman year when I took Honors Geometry; I had taken Honors Algebra II back in junior high and I struggled in that class, so I went into freshman year nervous (I was also intimidated by the students because the majority of the students in my class were all older than me). So, my mom decided to sign me up for Don’s geometry class. I was apprehensive about attending a class in an unknown institute in which I knew no one. Yet, I went and I ended up staying over there throughout high school.

Why did I stay? Don, the math instructor, is amazing. He truly knows all of the material extensively and his strategies are amazingly efficient. To fully compliment the learning process, Don also provides homework packets that truly help students understand the material; although students might complain about the workload, I feel that the key to my success in high school math was due to the extra practice that I received.

Not only that, but I loved the atmosphere provided. Don is a funny guy – there is no other way to put it. His humor really allows students to feel comfortable and communicate with him. He is so easy to talk to; many students find their teachers to be unreachable, yet Don is so welcoming that any student can approach and talk to him about anything, whether it be about math or about future careers. And with the small class sizes, all students can be sure that they will receive personal time. Trust me, Don will make sure that you understand the material comprehensively no matter how long it might take. Feel free to ask him about anything because he will welcome you with open arms.

My experience with the learning center was priceless. Not only did it help me survive through a grueling high school experience complemented by SAT’s (I got an 800 in Math 2C), I really absorbed many crucial study habits and I know that I will enter college with an unshakable foundation. I will be attending the University of Southern California as a freshman with a bio-chemistry major in the Freshman Science Honors program on a half-scholarship in the fall of 2010. Without Don and MT Learning Center, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Best Regards, Joseph Teng

  • Note: Joseph graduated from Mission San Jose High School in Fremont. He is currently pursuing a degree in University of Southern California with a scholarship.

To whom it may concern,

MT Learning Center has truly served as my home away from home. Not because of the amount of time I've spent there, but because of the way Don has managed to create such a nurturing, friendly environment for students to reach their full capabilities. I have taken many math classes there, including Geometry, Pre-calculus, Math 2C Sat 2 Prep, and AP Calculus BC, and all of them have provided me with countless memories and lasting friendships.

Because I skipped a math level, I always found myself intimidated by my other math classmates and afraid to ask for help. When I enrolled in Don's tutoring class, I found that the ease with which Don communicated and joked with students was quite contagious. I soon found myself talking with other older students who sat next to me and became friends with quite a few upper classmen. In the short two hour sessions of equation-packed classes, I received a very comprehensive understanding of concepts that school teachers barely touched on, all the while joking with Don and other students, developing little inside jokes, and listening to entertaining stories about Don.

I strongly believe that Don has every student's best interests at heart. The pace he teaches at with each class always varies because he molds each lesson into what we (his students) need. He reinforces each concept and theorem with countless practice problems. Don acts as the bridge between the extremely pressuring parents and stressed out students, understanding that parents want their kids to do well in school, but effectively helping kids achieve the results through his optimism and charisma. A week prior to the AP Calculus test, when I was stressing out over five AP tests, Don provided me with additional problem sets, and stayed after class to help me through several concepts I was struggling with. I still recall that the night before, when I was frantically going over old AP free response questions, Don let me go to his office after his last class so he could answer all of my questions thoroughly.

With all his years of experience, it isn't surprising to believe that Don always has advice and answers to our wide range of questions. Whether it be about just math, which courses to take at school, the college application process, or even something as trivial as friendship problems. I remember that Don would always talk to me about the pros and cons of different majors and careers because I was hesitant about what I wanted to do. Don was one of the main reasons I decided to consider engineering as a probable option. I have to attribute much of my success to his dedicated teaching. Armed with all the little tricks Don gave us and the careful thinking process he has nurtured in me, I was able to successfully apply and test in to Stanford's Mathematics Camp. Learning about abstract algebra, cryptography, coding theory, etc. at camp was quite different from school math, but it was only through the solid mathematical foundation that Don helped establish that I was able to succeed there. This coming fall, I will be heading to Stanford University to study engineering and continue my exploration of different branches of math.

With that said, the respect and admiration with which I regard Don is the least I can do to thank him for all he has helped me with. Though one page of words cannot possibly do justice to him and his devotion to helping students, I hope it is quite clear that the reason MT Learning Center is so successful can be attributed to one person: Mr. Don Juang.


Sharleen Tu

  • Note: Sharleen graduated from Mission San Jose High School in Fremont, she is currently pursuing a degree in Stanford University. She received 2350 in SAT test with a perfect score in Writing and Math IIC subject.

To Whom It May Concern:

I really enjoyed taking classes at MT Learning Center because I felt like I learned so much in those classes. The math teacher Don makes sure that you know the foundations. His explanations cover a lot more background material about the "why" than teachers at school. In knowing the why, it becomes so much easier to learn "how" to do certain math problems. Even his methods to solving problems contains simple shortcuts that are easier to remember than the "proper" way to solve problems. Don is also patient and willing to help his students. He does crack a few jokes once in a while and gives us breaks to keep us more focused and attentive to his lessons. Overall, I improved a lot with his help both in my math classes at school and on my SAT Math II C test.

Cin-Yee is also great with her work. She goes over her lessons with such speed that you'd think she wouldn't be able to get her students to learn the material well. But in reality, she just has a very clear vision of what she wants to get done for her teaching agenda. She reiterates tips that students need to keep in mind and always reminds us to do her homework. Her philosophy is that if you don't put the effort in to her class to try and learn, then you won't get much out of it. She prepares a lot of material for us to use and she also finds creative ways to motivate us to work harder. I wouldn't have been able to score an 800 on the SAT writing section without Cin-Yee's help.

Both Don and Cin-Yee really do a good job at preparing their students to not be afraid of tests. Walking into the testing center felt like just any normal practice session I took at MT Learning Center. It's that sort of confidence that these two teachers are able to give to their students that lets them achieve such high means.

Stella Chung

  • Note: Stella Chung received a perfect score in her SAT Writing and SAT II Math test. She was admitted to all the UC’s that she applied. She is currently attending UC Berkeley.

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