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Programs and Services

Group and Private Tutorial in:
Math, English, Physics, Chemistry, & Biology

Standardized Test Preparation courses:

College Application Services

MT Learning Center offers a wide variety of classes and services to help students thrive in their current and future academic environments, and to ensure they are well-prepared for any academic challenges they may meet.

Here we develop our own materials, and provide our own class packets in which some of the information is purposely omitted. The instructors will give the students this information during class. Students are required to pay close attention, take down notes, and demonstrate understanding of the day’s lesson. So in our classes, students’ hands are always busy moving and their brains are busy thinking.

All class materials are prepared according to and beyond the requirements of California Standards. In our Math and Science materials, the materials are carefully designed in a clear, logical format accompanied by proper examples and the deduction of formulas. Combined with the explanation given in the lecture, we make sure all the students can understand and appreciate the spirit of each subject. In order to ensure that each student possesses the correct knowledge of each concept, specially designed “concept clarification” sections populate each chapter, common mistakes are demonstrated, and True/False or Always/Sometimes/Never question sets are used to verify students’ key concepts. We generally do not encourage students to just memorize formulas; instead, we help students derive the formulas in order to for them to understand the background and philosophy of the formulas before memorizing them.

Challenge questions are provided in each chapter for advanced students to use. We have noticed that some textbooks are too easy and emphasize mechanical, tedious and repetitive training. At MT Learning Center, the challenge questions are designed for analysis from different angles so students can truly understand the basic concepts and speed up the learning process.

Generally, all of our classes assign homework with very few exceptions. Students are required to complete the assignments before the next class meeting. Instructors are required to check the homework and identify students’ weaknesses for improvement. We do not believe in luck. We believe that hard work is the key to success.

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